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AdWeek article rips dot .Global in pro-dot-com reportage

With domains, go global.

With domains, go global.

A new AdWeek article, titled “Why Aren’t Americans Ready to Go .GLOBAL?” delivers an obvious jab to the gTLD loins, alleging low adoption rates as compared to dot .com.

According to the article by Anna Rohleder – who also writes about beer brands and mobile apps – the summary is subtitled “The rest of the world is on board with new top-level domains.”

Citing a report by Sedo that carries the rather pompous title, “International gTLD Awareness Report“, the AdWeek article states that “three-quarters of American marketers believed the new Web suffixes “would make the Internet more confusing,” as opposed to only 43 percent of their counterparts abroad.”

Of course, these numbers are already outdated, as the Sedo report was composed in May 2014. The article concludes that “Amid all this new variety, however, a .com address still appears to be the gold standard for brands.”

So are Americans smarter or less smart than their brand-aware foreign counter-parts? The AdWeek article does not mention any such findings.

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