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Rolf Larsen of dot .Global : Drop the “Domain Name Drama”

Rolf Larsen, founder and CEO of dot .Global, took to LinkedIn to share his thoughts on the fallout from a recent decision by Uniregistry to raise prices for 16 of its gTLDs. Despite titling his op-piece as “Domain Name Drama,” Larsen takes a balanced approach to analyzing the events: “I think the frustration and criticism […]

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AdWeek article rips dot .Global in pro-dot-com reportage

A new AdWeek article, titled “Why Aren’t Americans Ready to Go .GLOBAL?” delivers an obvious jab to the gTLD loins, alleging low adoption rates as compared to dot .com. According to the article by Anna Rohleder – who also writes about beer brands and mobile apps – the summary is subtitled “The rest of the […]

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Go Global! Be Global! Trade Global!

A lot of raving over the latest dot .Global gTLD but in our opinion, this is just superficial. Surely, great keyword+gTLD combinations stand a good chance to be sold at the Registry auctions, often at prices that might shock many dot .com owners. However, none of these dot .Global domains are as impressive, as Dr. […]

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