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Agora.com a nice upgrade for HelloAgora.com

Agora, a startup that has built a materials management platform for contractors, operates from the domain name HelloAgora.com.

Maria Rioumine and Ryan Gibson founded Agora with the mission of making it easier for commercial trade contractors to order and track materials, automate manual data entry and give everyone involved in the procurement process a single platform by which they can communicate with each other.

According to TechCrunch, Agora has raised $33 million dollars in a Series B round of funding led by Tiger Global Management. That comes on top of another $12 million dollars raised since its inception in 2018.

Meanwhile, the domain Agora.com displays a broken web site currently, which appears to have been like this for the past couple of years. Agora.com is the domain linked to New Agora Corporation.

Registered in 1994, the domain Agora.com has been in the registrant’s possession since then.

In an Archive.org capture from 2018 we read the following:

President and Founder Jonathan C. Soo started Agora as a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the dawn of the commercial World Wide Web. Agora quickly became a leading resource for technology companies and publications looking to establish a presence on the Internet.

The domain Agora.com would make a great upgrade for HelloAgora.com, if they were to finance its acquisition with a portion of the recent funds. Although there is no indication that Agora.com wants to sell its domain, perhaps a sizable amount of cash would be convincing. 😀

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