AhmetHashish Rahajani : Cryptodomains best and Bitcoin better than .com

Hello good domainers, and salaam to all you, I salute you with open palm hand gesture, from Middle East!

It is me, AhmetHashish Rahajani, domainer expert broker and super experience for good earnings and big sales.

I hear president Trump ban all Iran persons go USA.

I sad.

USA big country, sorry have idiot president. Business is mean money, no care from where come. Millions make, with domain, or Bitcoin, or sell old diaper eBay.

As with domain, I expert cryptocurrency. Invest Bitcoin, Ether coin, Buttcoin. Rick Schwartz get AssCoin.com. Many ICO I like.

All info find ALTS.com, friend French smart investor. He show informations.

But I also know cryptodomains. These are special invests, as not many peoples know secret. I tell you, and make money ok?


When bidding auction places, like NameJet, or DropCatch, often domainer call friend phone, or send email and say:

“Hey, Ahmed, I bid on domain 72supersexyvirgins.com and winning NameJet, hahaha.”

That bad.


Ahmed might bid more, so no win domain 72supersexyvirgins.com but he win. Then feel sad, or mad, and cut off Ahmed head with yatagan, and go prison.


Cryptodomains mean keep secret, keep mouth shut about what bidding is you do. No tell friend, wive, brother in law, what domain bid you do.

When tell world who you bid, world fuck you.

And that’s how many good moneys, better than Bitcoin or .COM.

Next month, talk more special informations make you rich domain master. Maybe write some book if peoples like.


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