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AhmetHashish Rahajani : Cryptodomains best and Bitcoin better than .com

Hello good domainers, and salaam to all you, I salute you with open palm hand gesture, from Middle East! It is me, AhmetHashish Rahajani, domainer expert broker and super experience for good earnings and big sales. I hear president Trump ban all Iran persons go USA. I sad. USA big country, sorry have idiot president. […]

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Chinese domain market : No more Bitcoin exchanges in China

China is getting ready to pull the plug on local Bitcoin exchanges, a step beyond ICO banning. The Chinese government is an unstoppable machine that regulates the Internet in China, hiding many Western service companies behind the Great Firewall. By ending the activity of local Bitcoin exchanges, China intends to strengthen its control and regulation […]

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Cryptocurrency portal moves to the domain ALTS.com

Not too long ago, Crypto.info became the destination of choice for cryptocurrency buffs such as Drew Rosener; the portal is operated by French domain entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo. Hold onto your Bitcoins, because the domain has changed once again, moving to ALTS.com. What the heck is “ALTS” anyhow? An obvious shortcut for alternative coins, ALTS.com displays […]

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