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Cryptocurrency portal moves to the domain ALTS.com

Not too long ago, Crypto.info became the destination of choice for cryptocurrency buffs such as Drew Rosener; the portal is operated by French domain entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo. Hold onto your Bitcoins, because the domain has changed once again, moving to ALTS.com. What the heck is “ALTS” anyhow? An obvious shortcut for alternative coins, ALTS.com displays […]

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Ethereum : Get all your ETH news from one domain

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that was born from the popularity of Bitcoin. Although privately owned and operating from Ethereum.org, ETH has been adopted by investors looking to diversify in alternative cryptocurrencies. Last week we announced the transition of Bitkoin.com to Crypto.info, a news aggregator about cryptocurrency news. If you’re looking for news about Ethereum, don’t […]

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