AhmetHashish Rahajani : Iran big numbers and new market explode in 2016

Hello and salaam to you, friend good, it’s me, AhmetHashish Rahajani, domainer expert from Persia empire of old.

When write post first, domain world shock. Why? Maybe success peoples can do own thing and not jealous, is because.

But no worry, I continue.

God willing, 2016 era be number top for Iran. No more sanction from Western. Iran good peoples, ancient and heart warm. Especially technology, and no mean nuclear only.

Numbers big China for 2015, ask me why. Talk China domainers told, no idea. Who cares, if peoples make money flip domains chips, ok?



I predict: Iran numbers and LLLL for big investment. And here how do big domain win:

Get 0000.ir to 9999.ir first, then go for AAAA.ir and ZZZZ.ir last. Easy register. No special number, all good. Letter good too. Domain Persian mean good thing.

Only problems, US block Iran domains.

Why mr. Obama? I good peoples and want make business. Old wars no more. We be friends ok?


Get my words friends, Iran domain market be top for 2016 and market explode!


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