Ali Zandi : My .com domain name cost five figures to acquire!

Ali Zandi.

Domain investor and broker, Ali Zandi, founder of Starfire Holdings is killing it; the recent brokerage of for $2 million dollars is one of many we could share.

For any prominent professional, owning their full name as a .com is a must these days.

Apparently, that wasn’t the case for Ali Zandi, whose matching .com,, was not in his possession.

Ali shared the great news of being able to get that name, finally, on Twitter:

“Over a year and five figures later, I’ve finally managed to acquire  from ANOTHER bearded, and tattooed Ali Zandi.”


It’s remarkable to have such a rare Persian name for it to be shared among several others. Not to mention, the added allure of sharing certain features with that other person!

Who was that other “Ali Zandi” that sold the .com?

All we know is that it could not have been Dr. Ali Zandi, who operates from – they don’t look anything alike. 😀

Congratulations, Ali!

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2 Responses to “Ali Zandi : My .com domain name cost five figures to acquire!”
  1. Sorry your own name cost you so much… but at least it wasn’t a squatter.

  2. Abi says:

    Ali Zandi is like the ones Frank Lopez talked about in Scarface – who want it all – chicas! champagne – they don’t last. Slow and steady wins the race in domaining. Ali will be losing money at domaining if he keeps up with this manic trend. He’s the equivalent of the nouveau riche with shallow pockets that can’t weather the inevitable storms.

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