All you can drink domains : Dot .Wine and dot .Vin exit EAP phase

It’s party time!

The Early Access Program (EAP) has ended for two new gTLDs that’d make wine connoisseurs happy around the domain world.

Both dot .Wine and dot .Vin are now available by Donuts, Inc. at regular registration prices.

The 7 day EAP saw prices gradually drop from around $12,000 dollars to about $150 dollars, depending on which domain registrar one uses.

.Wine and .Vin gTLDs are now available to register.

.Wine and .Vin gTLDs are now available to register.

The lowest price we’re seeing currently appears to be $39.90 at Uniregistry. This is the annual renewal fee as well, for domains that are not premium.

An example of a premium dot .Wine domain would be Internet.Wine, the registration and renewal fee is set at $400 dollars (Uniregistry.)

Domain investor and gTLD supporter, Mike Berkens, grabbed a couple of quality .Wine domains already!

Yesterday’s dot .Wine numbers at ntldstats stand at 1,449 – a number that’s expected to jump in tomorrow’s reports. Dot .Vin has a much smaller population at 878 .Vin domains.

If you registered any dot .Wine or dot .Vin domains, feel free to share them below.

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