Ammar Kubba Steals Frank Schilling’s Thunder with $5,664 for ‘Child Support’

How Andy Warhol would have painted Ammar Kubba!

About a month ago we wrote how uber-domainer Frank Schilling retains a solid stronghold of the ‘deadbeat dad’ market, with the domain name

The domain is yet another money-maker for Frank as apparently, the number of fathers who failed to make at least one child support payment has increased by 27% since last year.

Blame it on ‘bad economy‘ ?

It’s great and ironic at the same time when you can make money with a domain, while collectors are struggling to get it!

Well-liked domainer Ammar KubbaChief Operating Officer and Director of Business Development for TrafficZ and Thought Convergence, Inc. – has managed in a single move to outsmart Frank Schilling and expand his already sizable domain portfolio, with the recent acquisition of the domain

You heard that right – Ammar Kubba grabbed an awesome dictionary domain with organic traffic at Namejet, all while Frank Schilling apparently shows a preference for mostly .com domains. Frank Schilling was not a co-bidder at the auction.

The bill for this beauty was a chunky $5,664 and zero cents, with Namejet collecting the funds. Awesome.

Having watched Ammar Kubba bid on valuable domain names on Namejet, we can’t but admire the thought convergence behind his domain acquisitions. Ammar Kubba stays away from the usual trash (ccTLDs, trademark domains, IDN domains etc.) and focuses on generic dictionary or two word compound domains.

That’s the spirit, Ammar!

Some other recent grabs by Ammar Kubba include the now infamous alongside, and other quality domains that we will disclose in due time.

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