Angry blogger has a bone to pick with NetSol and GoDaddy

NetSol logo in the 90's.

NetSol logo in the 90’s.

When you own more than one domain, you’re automatically a domainer; if you have 43, you’re a “sophisticated domainer.

In the case of blogger Basil King, the process of having to renew 17 domain names every year became complex, thanks to Network Solutions.

Basil changed his credit card but Network Solutions tried to bill the old number a full 60 days before the domain was due, and Bill isn’t happy.

“Now, I’ve dealt with Network Solutions since the 1990s, when I registered my first domain name. Been using them ever since.

Yes, I know other registrars are cheaper. But, Network Solutions is well established, and I just felt comfortable dealing with a company that has been around for a bit. “

This incident – and no more discount offers – led Basil to begin the Exodus: as each domain was about to expire, he’d transfer it away from NetSol.

What Basil thinks of GoDaddy isn’t great either: their domain management interface is a “pain in the ass.”

“Can’t find anything, and some interfaces break very easily. Maybe they should look into hiring some Web programmers. Anyway, GoDaddy was all primed for all my business from Network Solutions, except their interfaces suck. “

The truth is that the GoDaddy interface for managing domains has improved tremendously over the years. But like many things in life, taste in what looks good or bad is personal.

Basil moved to Google Domains and he’s happy with their domain interface. Who are we to judge?

For the full “rant” visit Basil’s blog, aptly called

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