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#Aponia .com : No pain, no #domain gain

Aponia is the lack of feeling any pain, whether it’s used metaphorically or literally.

In every situation, being in a state of aponia might be beneficial, or dangerous; imagine not realizing your hand is being burned by a flame, for example.

The matching .com domain, Aponia.com, dropped and was auctioned off at DropCatch.

The auction attracted 102 bids from 44 bidders, that went all the way up to $2,588 dollars.

The auction’s winner, DropCatch user “reasonreason,” appears to be a Chinese domain investor. Some other domains under management include myflights.com, mymeals.com and recently, TopChef.com.

Aponia.com was registered since 2003, but it dropped.

Since the beginning, it was the home of Aponia Software, and in recent years, it was the brand name of a GPS software and app made in the Czech republic. That app hasn’t been updated since 2017, so it’s no surprise Aponia.com dropped.

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