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#TopChef .com : DropCatch auction ends after “lawyer247” bids

When a brandable domain like TopChef.com drops, everyone wonders why.

Perhaps the domain was no longer wanted. Or the domain owner faced a lawsuit. Or they died in a fiery crash – hopefully, that wasn’t the case.

In the case of TopChef.com we’ll never know; the domain was caught by DropCatch, which is killing it these days.

After a lot of active bidding from 86 bidders, a whopping 156 bids were placed.

That’s a lot of bids for a brand like TopChef. After all, the domain was originally registered in 1999, but dropped and was re-registered in 2003.

But what about existing trademarks, you might ask.

Frankly speaking, a lot of people don’t give a flying f*ck about trademarks. If a domain is good, they will pay top dollar for it.

In the case of TopChef.com, there are no registered trademarks in the USPTO for “TOPCHEF” but there are several for “TOP CHEF.” That space makes a difference, it seems.

Long story short: TopChef.com was won by DropCatch user “reasonreason” for $8,138 dollars. Let’s hope he pays up.

Note: The DropCatch bidder lawyer247 is not really a lawyer, just some guy from South Korea with a bunch of domains. Next time you come across a bid from lawyer247 don’t be intimidated. Nice try!

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4 Responses to “#TopChef .com : DropCatch auction ends after “lawyer247” bids”
  1. Data Glasses says:

    What does lawyer247 think of YouTubers/Com I wonder? Currently at DropCatch

  2. Mike says:

    That’s josh reason he’s a pretty conscious domainer who used to blog quite a bit, looks like he’s all in.

  3. larry says:

    i think the owner passed away.

  4. DomainGang says:

    Mike – No, that’s not him.

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