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#Aponia .com : No pain, no #domain gain

Aponia is the lack of feeling any pain, whether it’s used metaphorically or literally. In every situation, being in a state of aponia might be beneficial, or dangerous; imagine not realizing your hand is being burned by a flame, for example. The matching .com domain, Aponia.com, dropped and was auctioned off at DropCatch. The auction […]

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#TopChef .com : DropCatch auction ends after “lawyer247” bids

When a brandable domain like TopChef.com drops, everyone wonders why. Perhaps the domain was no longer wanted. Or the domain owner faced a lawsuit. Or they died in a fiery crash – hopefully, that wasn’t the case. In the case of TopChef.com we’ll never know; the domain was caught by DropCatch, which is killing it […]

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