Are you bidding on the #domain name in auction

If you’re bidding on the domain at DropCatch, there’s a couple of things to consider.

The domain dropped after its previous owner did not renew it and as a generic reference to the Cayman Islands it’s a strong geo-domain.

That being said, we consulted with a certain expert on all things Cayman related who shall remain anonymous. 😉

Our expert source mentioned that the form “Caymans” is not used by the locals. Instead, the locals say “Cayman” or “Grand Cayman” – and rarely “the Caymans.” Apparently, the latter is also popular with Floridians.

But even the “Cayman Islands” is rather long. No wonder that the domain name is among the first 100 domains ever registered, on November 15, 1987!

Incidentally, the Cayman Islands were first sighted by European explorers on May 10, 1503, owing their discovery to a chance wind that blew Christopher Columbus’ ship off course.

At this time, the auction for has reached $11,261 dollars with one day left.

Update: The auction ended at $11,938 dollars, with DropCatch user “DrewWash” delivering the top bid.

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