“Are you on vacation?” Uniregistry Market domain buyer responds positively

After communicating diligently for several days, a Uniregistry Market buyer, negotiating the acquisition of a six figure domain went quiet.

Eager to gauge the buyer’s status, the domain broker handling the transaction sent out a message:

“Are you on vacation?”

Two days later, the buyer responded with a photo of himself from Ibiza, Spain, flanked by two young, beautiful women.

“My god, yes. On vacation. How did you know? You guys are amazing, I can’t believe you know everything I do. Maybe you work for my ex girlfriend? Haha! Indeed, I am in Ibiza, catching some much-needed sunshine! All this computer work caused me to look paler than Greek yogurt.

So now I look more tanned, see photo! Recharging my batteries while on vacation, eating great food, and having the time of my life with Ramona and Silvia. Kisses! Juan.”

The domain buyer’s response might lead to a change in the typical email repertoire domain brokers utilize at Uniregistry Market transactions.

Wishing Juan and his two girlfriends lots of fun in Ibiza during the new year!

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