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Bad #domain rebranding : #Lifestyle magazine became #Claur without the .com

Lifestyle, a fashion magazine focusing on the qualities of modern lifestyle, rebranded to Claur last December.

The popular mag raved about moving forward to a renewed brand, which can always be a challenging move.

In the process, the magazine’s marketing team left the domain name LifestyleMag.com behind, and moved to Claur.com – right?

Well, they didn’t, as the domain name Claur.com is registered to someone who’s parked it at the Uniregistry Market!

The 2002 domain registration of a LLLLL .com domain is an obvious move by established domain investors, who move in to secure short domain names that can be written and spelled easily.

Instead of acquiring the domain name in the aftermarket, Claur registered the domains Claur.net and ByClaur.com. The latter is the one used instead of LifestyleMag.com.

Clearly a case of bad domain rebranding, as visitors and social media followers anticipate that the new domain name matches the brand. It’s better to call your brand “By Claur” and get the .com, than to call it “Claur” and use ByClaur.com as the domain name.

Makes sense?

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One Response to “Bad #domain rebranding : #Lifestyle magazine became #Claur without the .com”
  1. That’s a pretty amazingly unwise re-branding effort.

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