Be careful when you piss off a Domainer; he might be famous

Calling someone a d*chebag as your closing statement in a failed inquiry is really fresh.

Yesterday, Mike Berkens unveiled that a California entrepreneur got ticked off with his refusal to sell for $11k, subsequently making a comment about penis size; now another lowball offer is stirring the quiet waters of DNForum, on a Sunday afternoon.

Sean Stafford, author of popular ebook “Domain Graduate: Tapping the Online Mines” was approached by some fellow domainer over a domain purchase.

That $100 offer for a .com was rejected, thus leading to name-calling by the lowballer.

The exact words “you’re a f*cking d*uchebag” are the epitome of the old Aesop’s fable that involved a fox and a vine of grapes it could not reach; calling them “sour grapes” instead.

Sean Stafford, the domain owner who turned down the lowball offer, recently sold after starting off the successful venture ComWired a few years prior and he’s a well-respected speaker at various domain conferences.

When you piss off someone over a deal in the domain industry, be forewarned that they might be someone famous or with plenty of footprint to shove it right up your posterior.

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