Be careful when you piss off a Domainer; he might be famous

Yesterday, Mike Berkens unveiled that a California entrepreneur got ticked off with his refusal to sell for $11k, subsequently making a comment about penis size; now another lowball offer is stirring the quiet waters of DNForum, on a Sunday afternoon. Sean Stafford, author of popular ebook “Domain Graduate: Tapping the Online Mines” was approached […]

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F* – Epic failure of clipart use

Here at DomainGang we have a soft spot for Montenegro and the .me extension. With more than 400,000 registrations, this ccTLD has character – to the point that Bob Parsons uses for his personal blog of rantings. As with every domain Registry, the .me Registry held back several premium domain names in order to […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. – An ‘Epic Fail’ for BP

The environmental disaster in the Gulf is ongoing; nothing more devastating than the images of oiled birds at the Louisiana beaches. Meanwhile, BP attempts to mend their online image by purchasing dozens, if not hundreds of Google Adwords. The BP campaign has been criticized for its attempt to divert the attention of the public. One […]

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TRAFFIC Test Track: The applications that never made it to the list

Test Track at TRAFFIC Las Vegas – previously known as the “Shark Tank” of domaining – was an interesting experiment that gave the opportunity to several domainer entrepreneurs to showcase their projects, seeking financial backing. This experiment in angel investing was a clear indication that not everyone is ready for “prime time”. While some participants […]

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