Argos UK against Argos US : Google ads, domains, and trademarks

British firm Argos Limited recently faced Argos Systems, Inc., an American software company in a court of law. Both companies operate from “Argos” domains: Argos Limited from and Argos Systems Inc. from The latter, registered the domain in 1992, after it started trading under the name ARGOS in 1991. The company has no […]

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Google : No more unofficial software downloads in paid searches

It was a simple recipe: Tens of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue were made, by using the simple formula of attaching a downloader or a toolbar to a piece of software, then distributing the lot to make money from ads. Such combo downloads that are not managed by the original source of the software […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. – An ‘Epic Fail’ for BP

The environmental disaster in the Gulf is ongoing; nothing more devastating than the images of oiled birds at the Louisiana beaches. Meanwhile, BP attempts to mend their online image by purchasing dozens, if not hundreds of Google Adwords. The BP campaign has been criticized for its attempt to divert the attention of the public. One […]

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