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Bidding war : #HugeDomains bot battles with “913932” user code at #GoDaddy auctions

At GoDaddy auctions, bidder “913932” is apparently HugeDomains and its domain bidding bot.

Wrecking havoc among domain auctions, the AI-powered script appears to be a much more rogue version of the mild-mannered Uni Bot that got Frank Schilling many a cheap dictionary .net.

According to domainers’ testimonials, the 913932 bidding account enters GoDaddy auctions that have low bids in the last 2 minutes of the auction, with a moderate reserve.

User 913932 at GoDaddy auctions appears to be HugeDomains and its bot

By “hitting” that late for the first time, it attempts to outlast valid bidders that are trying to get domains for the base price of $12 dollars. These GoDaddy auctions now end at $150 – $250 dollars instead.

Quite appropriately, #913923 is the hex code for a very dark, bloody red.

There are speculations that GoDaddy bidding account 913933 is also a HugeDomains companion bot. Says Hiren Patel of AllX.com:

Even bidder 913933 is also HugeDomains. 99% we will see them placing 8% to 10% proxy bid compare to GD appraisal value. They may have their own appraisal methods. But 90%+ we wonโ€™t see them auction price moving above $500 bid. They will do proxy bid but not above $500 90% of time.

API-driven bots are cleaning house at GoDaddy auctions, and it’ll be a while before HugeDomains gets any kind of competition in the field.

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One Response to “Bidding war : #HugeDomains bot battles with “913932” user code at #GoDaddy auctions”
  1. MapleDots says:

    Went head to head with them a week back, same bidder number and it ended up costing me over $1,500 to get the domain I wanted. I have NEVER seen Huge domain bid up to $1500 before.

    I checked and sure enough it was exactly that BOT.

    Anyone that doubts can see the evidence here

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