Bina Bitterman: Aron darling, domain names and holidays are highly illiquid

Great day to be alive and shopping, domainer darlings.

Then again, I’m Bina Bitterman – the Domain Socialite – and I always use American Express Centurion for all of my 5th Avenue shopping.

Holidays are quite boring, and illiquid.

As I understand it, you poor domainers don’t have enough cash in hand to pay for your groceries, let alone shop at Tiffany’s for a Soleste.

Seriously, you need to add some sparkle and glitz in your boring lives and domains are as liquid as a frozen bagel at a Paki deli.

Bina Bitterman - Domain Socialite.

Bina Bitterman – Domain Socialite.

Aron darling, I hear you sold some more domains at that Heritage auction, congratulations. Call me when you hit eight figures in sales during a single weekend, now that would catch my attention.

Until then, I suggest that you invest in Namibian ivory and Bali crystal, because domains and gold are expected to be quite passé in 2014.

Domainer darlings, I see that some of you are getting ready to partake in some extravagant expansion of top level extensions, that’s quite exquisite, I must say.

But I am being skeptical, after seeing how illiquid domain sales have been. Even the Domain King has only sold 20-odd domains, is this a number to be proud of?

When I worked for Frubs Magazine, we covered the liquidity of fashion apparel: you own an YSL or a Gucci, darling? Or even a Prada? You can resell it at any New York City art gala or gathering of the faith, for at least 110% of its tag price.

Domains, not so much!

But I am not going to dissolve your hopes and aspirations on liquidity, domainer darlings.

Keep dreaming, some of those dreams and fantasies about your domain industry’s future might turn up becoming rather wet, at least.

I shall renew our rendezvous for next weekend, in-between my trip to Paris and a week-long vacation in the Caymans. I hope you are able to locate these two fine destinations on your map.

~ Bina Bitterman.

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