Bina Bitterman: Hush now, domain prima donnas!

Is it Christmas yet, domainer darlings?

Most of you will be getting coal for the Holidays, so maybe I should just go shopping in Paris, France, while you manically count your dollar bills from flipping domains.

What an uncouth practice, that ‘flipping’ word.

It just reeks of peasantry and I, Bina Bitterman, have no time for interaction with the lowly class. I am, after all, the Domain Socialite, determined to instill some finesse and refinement into your pathetic lives.

I’ve been doing some reading though, on the concept of domain names – only because darling Aron clearly appreciates my advice.

Bina Bitterman, Domain Socialite.

Bina Bitterman, Domain Socialite.

Fascinating, that a blue-collar worker can buy something intangible for $10 measly dollars – more than the hourly minimum wage in the US – and ask for more in return, without first adding any value to it.

Sounds like the vagabond’s mentality, and apparently there are plenty of those in your domain business: they are the ones that complain all the time about other people’s success, imagination and determination – all while they have nothing constructive to present for themselves.

Poor darlings, you really need to hush.

Twenty years ago, as a young intern at the prestigious NYC Fashion One magazine, I was taught the important principles of investment.

Not that you deserve to hear them, but in the holiday spirit, here goes:

  • Investments in exotic ores offer the highest risk and reward. You can always seek safety in iron, but it will always be a dime per metric ton.
  • Persian rugs are rare, therefore expensive. Don’t flip them for a loaf of bread. Learn to appreciate their uniqueness and only offer them to those that can afford them.
  • Gucci bags retain their resale value more than anything else, but fashion changes. Learn what is en vogue in life and conquer it.

So if you want to be a prima donna for this dot .com madness, keep in mind that you need to diversify, darlings.

Otherwise, you shall remain stagnant in that flip-flopping business of yours; you might as well be selling peanuts at the Yankee stadium. It’s a job too, I understand.

I sincerely hope, that I have not wasted my time comforting your misery today. Rise now, darlings, and open your eyes wide to life – and to domains.

Renewing our rendezvous for next week, although I am not quite certain yet that you deserve it.

~Bina Bitterman.

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