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Blacklist: New Domain Name Sales feature is an indispensable tool

Sorry, Nuno - you're on my shit list.

Sorry, Nuno – you’re on my shit list, pal.

A new, indispensable feature has been introduced to the Domain Name Sales tool chest, as if didn’t have enough gadgets already! 😀

If you’re being harassed by the same sender with lowball offers and other communication that wastes your precious time, you can now black list them in a variety of ways.

Once you receive an inquiry, you can click on the “X” mark with a green “+” sign next to the email address, to block the sender:

  • By email, e.g. bob@example.cc
  • By domain, e.g. example.cc
  • By extension, e.g. .cc

The new feature will thus eliminate having to “cockblock” the same morons over and over that enjoy placing the odd lowball offer or two once in a while to harass you.

Thanks for the Holiday gift, Frank! 😀

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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