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Blacknight offers free Guinness for St. Patrick’s Day!

Blacknight Solutions, the Irish web host and domain registrar is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a predominantly Irish offer.

Guinness will be the primary sponsor of the day, and all beer will be free.


“Most of our customers are regular blokes, just like you and I, and appreciate a good pint at the end of a hard day, aye!” said Michele Neylon, CEO of Blacknight.

“When the week comes to a rough start, there’s nothing better than downing some ale or lager from Ireland, and our customers will love this!” exclaimed Neylon.

Irish beer will be flowing non-stop today, St. Patrick’s Day, at Danny O’Dodds, a traditional pub in Dublin right next to the Blacknight headquarters.

If you are local, make sure you hit the pub no later than 6:00pm tonight, when the gathering begins.

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