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Bob Parsons reveals the new GoDaddy logo after SOPA fiasco

Bob Parsons, founder and CEO of GoDaddy,  revealed the new GoDaddy logo and a new marketing campaign today – all in accordance with the removal of support of SOPA by the biggest domain registrar in the world.

“As a former US Marine I’m pleased to announce that we support our troops, our customers, against this despicable SOPA act”, said Bob Parsons.

“After hearing that GoDaddy customers started pulling out their domains from GoDaddy in drones, we decided that SOPA is evil and anti-American. I want to assure everyone that our new GoDaddy logo depicts what GoDaddy stands for: yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!”, added the GoDaddy CEO.

The new GoDaddy logo consists of a skull with the trademark green shades and the orange star, with a pirate scroll with “GoDaddy” underneath. The message that GoDaddy is now anti-SOPA and pro-Piracy is evident.

New GoDaddy logo to mark the company's support of piracy.

A new marketing campaign features Bob Parsons in a short pirate flick. It’s not yet certain if Danica Patrick will be dressed in a skimpy pirate outfit; she’s not as curvy as prior GoDaddy girls.


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4 Responses to “Bob Parsons reveals the new GoDaddy logo after SOPA fiasco”
  1. Trico says:

    “A new marketing campaign features Bob Parsons in a short pirate flick”

    This is just the first of many forthcoming Bob Parson’s “Sopa Operas”.

  2. Dan says:

    @ Lucius

    Nice 😉

    I think “NoDaddy” might look better under the skull 😉

    Merry Christmas,


    A ‘Lump Of Coal’ in ‘GD’s’ Christmas Stocking this year.

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Trico – Sopa Opera dot com is taken, unfortunately. GoDaddy will have to fight this tooth and nail 🙂

    Dan – GoDaddy uses its volume of over 40 million registered domain names to do as they please. That’s a lot of coal to stuff stockings with 😀

  4. Dan says:

    The ‘PR’ nightmare for GD goes to news levels…


    Merry Christmas


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