Bodis announces new Custom DNS features on Thanksgiving day

A notification from Bodis – the domain parking and monetization company – arrived in our mailbox this morning.

The email reads as follows:

Today we are happy to announce a new method of pointing domain names to Bodis, an industry’s first! This new “User DNS” method allows our system to recognize that a domain name pointed to Bodis is associated with your user account.

What this means is that you will never have to worry about manually adding domains or worry about domain conflicts, ever again. Each Bodis account has an associated user ID. Your account user ID is: 1234

In order to take advantage of this new system, simply point any domains in the future to the following name servers:


Alternatively, you can do the same using CNAME records, by pointing your CNAME records to the following:

www 1234.BODIS.COM
(blank) 1234.BODIS.COM
* 1234.BODIS.COM

When the first valid visitor arrives, the domain is automatically added to your account.

We’ve taken it a step further and allow you to also create your own records, example: NS1.MyCustomName.BODIS.COM. This is available by request starting today and soon will be available via the user interface.

Please NOTE: You may still continue using the standard NS1.BODIS.COM / NS2.BODIS.COM DNS setup, however you will be required to continue adding domains manually to your account.

Bodis is also known for featuring the images of alluring females on their web site, nicknamed the Bodis Girls.

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3 Responses to “Bodis announces new Custom DNS features on Thanksgiving day”
  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for blogging it Acro. 🙂

    However, people might think it is a joke since this is DomainGang, when in fact it is 100% real. 🙂

  2. Aviron says:

    Offering you to create your own NameServer, thats pretty neat, well done.

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    hey Matt – when the “100%” image appears in an article, its’ 100% real 🙂

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