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Bodis hints of upcoming Domain Parking changes

Matt Wegrzyn Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Matt Wegrzyn, founder and CEO of Bodis.

Bodis, the domain parking and monetization service and domain marketplace provider, isn’t resting on its laurels.

After the introduction of an even faster payment cycle, Bodis is gearing up to enhance the current user experience even further.

“We have better things scheduled for Bodis.com, just be patient. With the release of our new Bodis UI we have made many customer support enhancements and many more are coming up,” said Matt Wegrzyn, founder and CEO of Bodis.

Sadly, the so-called “Bodis Girls” will have to be retired; new, exciting visuals will reflect the focus of Bodis on domain monetization for domain investors, businesses and individuals.

For more information, visit Bodis.com.

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