BREAKING: Amazon vastly expanding beyond its corporate limits

Amazon - a big investor in gTLDs.

Amazon – a big investor in gTLDs – now a country.

David Heard, special correspondent to DomainGang, reports on this breaking news:

The governments of Brazil, Bolivia and Peru announced today their merger with American retailer in a move that will be sending shock waves through the world’s financial and political centers.

In a short joint statement, the governments said the new “CorpNation” would be governed from Seattle and retain the “Amazon” name.

The leaders explained that discussions concerning the potential new domain extension .AMAZON, which they had opposed, had taken a broader scope when the talks were moved to the company’s private island in the Caribbean.

“The offer presented by Amazon is so beneficial to our people that our legislatures passed it unanimously. These measures will immediately solve our many differences so we can forget politics and start making money. Amazon has graciously offered every citizen 25 free book or music downloads. Who can argue with that?” the statement concluded.

Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, stressed the advantages both for his company and for the citizens of the new country in a lavish rainforest themed press conference:

“Corporations today are far more powerful than governments,” he proclaimed.

“This is the world’s first corporate/government union, representing the next step in economic evolution. The benefits to the citizens of our CorpNation will quickly become apparent as strict efficiency and flashy electronics flow into all areas of government. For the stockholders, now honorary citizens, we gain vast new markets and intellectual property.”

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

Pausing for a quick round of applause, Jeff Bezos continued:

“Who can resist a manatee? We have a whole river of branding possibilities. Our security department loves their new piranha pools. And we get that cool .AMAZON gTLD!”

It is known that Google is quietly negotiating with high ranking officials of the United States government.

Observers point out that the dot .USA gTLD is still available. Talks between the European Union and Microsoft are currently suspended on European objections to Genetically Modified domains found in the .EUROPE space.

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