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BREAKING: Domain Registry doubles .XYZ price overnight!


.XYZ price doubled overnight.

Everybody was caught by surprise late Friday evening, when the XYZ Registry quietly got “Carte Blanche” on .XYZ pricing.

The California gTLD corporation founded by domainer prodigy, Daniel Negari, ignored some intense lobbying of ICANN by domainers, against a sudden, unwarranted price increase.

Effective tomorrow, .XYZ domains will be priced 2 cents a piece, double as much as what they cost on June 1st.

“We understand this comes as a surprise to the millions of .XYZ fans, but we have operating costs to cover, and personnel wages to fund, not to mention I just bought a new skateboard,” said Daniel Negari.

“I’m positive that even at twice the previous price, domainers will continue to register .XYZ domains in record numbers.

We are a young company motivated by a single dream, to bring affordable domains to every man, woman and child in America, and the world,” added Negari.

For the past 2 months, fears of an imminent price increase sent domain investors in a buying frenzy.

The doubling in price of .XYZ domains might slow down registrations, in the short term.

“I had to sell some Rightside stock to pay my own CEO wages, but with this reasonable price increase we cover payroll 100%, no worries!” exclaimed Negari, smiling.

Dot .XYZ is currently the #1 new gTLD with 6.4 million domains.

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3 Responses to “BREAKING: Domain Registry doubles .XYZ price overnight!”
  1. MrVg says:

    How will my butler be able to spam now ??

  2. Francois says:


  3. Shiva says:

    finally .XYZ has made it difficult for spammers .. available at a price of 2 cents, thats too steep hike of 100%.. 🙂 the best Spam extension of all new GTLDs.

    Domaingang nice job covering this in a sarcastic manner 🙂

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