Brewski & Brewski sell alcoholic beverage domain for $7.75 million dollars

Alsatian beer is best served cold.

Alsatian beer is best served cold.

First cousins Bruce Brewski and Bobby Brewski are kicking up a storm; the dynamic duo of domain brokers has received nothing but praise from churches, libraries and the Mayor’s office.

A little over a month has passed since the launch of their Winter 2014 domain extravaganza, and a huge domain sale has been announced and confirmed through numerous reliable sources.

“Bruce and I work as a team, when I sleep he takes over, there is never a moment during a day’s 24 hours that we won’t be working on a domain sale,” said Bobby Brewski.

The sale of for $7.75 million dollars is definitely a record deal for alcoholic beverage domains, that Brewski & Brewski specialize in.

“Some folks like Mike Mann have a gift when it comes down to domain sales, they are smart. We are two good looking guys with a lot of leads in the 20-45 year old crowd of female connections, and any domain related to alcohol we can sell it, no problem!” exclaimed Bobby Brewski.

With the sale of, Brewski & Brewski will be entering the domain broker Golden Books, topping even that of

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