Bullshit ‘XYZ’ campaign at Network Solutions coming to an end

After exactly 10 days and almost 100,000 registrations later, it appears that the XYZ promotion at Network Solutions is coming to an end.

As analyzed by the experts at HosterStats, the Network Solutions ‘DNA’ of .XYZ registrations does not match that of any other gTLD; the mass campaign to inflate the XYZ numbers via robo-registrations led to more than 116,000 .XYZ domains being in the zone file in total.

Domainers collectively regard this practice as a mockery of the the gTLD launch and an abuse of the system. DNJournal used strong words to define the practice, calling it “papering the house.


As one can see from the nTLDStats web site above, the daily rate of .XYZ domain registrations with Network Solutions maintained its peak during the length of the promotion, and eventually hit bottom on June 13th.

If any of these 98,620+ XYZ domains at Network Solutions were registered by live humans, the rate would have been maintained for days, weeks and months.

Network Solutions automatically allocated free matching .XYZ domains to accounts holding .com domains with an “opt out” clause, some of which were expired or pending deletion; a clear indication their registrants never intended to retain the .com, much less accept the .XYZ freebie.

The game of numbers was also played by domain investors who registered .XYZ domains and attempted to offload them on venues such as Flippa.com. Citing nTLDStats as the source of XYZ registrations, with or without knowledge of the massive Network Solutions promotion, is definitely a misleading way to promote and achieve sales of an unproven gTLD.

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