Business Insider: The Domain King and his kingdom of domain names


Yesterday, Business Insider published an extensive article on Rick Schwartz and his life’s passion: Domain names.

In this article, the Domain King shared details about his path in life, not just about domains, things he might have shared on his blog before but which take on a different light.

As a wandering salesman, Rick Schwartz got involved with the 1-800 number industry, buying and selling vanity numbers that spelled out, such as 1-800-Make-Out and 1-800-Sir-Love.

That led him to begin registering and acquiring domains a couple of years later. Rick Schwartz’s motto:

“I’m like a pole vaulter, always trying to set a new world record. It’s a way for me to make all the other domains more valuable.”

The article is titled “I make millions selling domain names to big brands like CNN. Here’s how I got into it and find new ones” and can be read here.

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