Can they see my dick? NSA surveillance spawns hilarious domain!

These days, you can’t be certain what the NSA can see, but if we were to believe allegations by Edward Snowden in an interview by John Oliver, they can see your dick.

The question is, why would the NSA want to see your dick – provided that you have one – and how much of it.

Some funny fella therefore registered and it’s being used to define the exact elements that the NSA is examining, when perusing your privates.


The sections include:

  • Section 702: One-end foreign dick
  • Executive order 12333: Dick smuggling
  • PRISM dick
  • Upstream dick
  • Mystic dick
  • Section 215: Dick metadata

Of course, through this ‘hilarious’ depiction, the real cost of loss of privacy is explained.

For more info, visit – it’s safe for work.

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