Canabalt goes Open Source – Gamers and Developers rejoice

Back in October 2009, I raved about the release of Canabalt – a $2.99 game app available through the Apple store.

Quoting from my personal review:

The game features multi-level parallax scrolling action, miniature but detailed graphic sprites and intense action that only requires one finger: tap the screen to jump or tap and hold it to prolong it (gravity takes its toll).

The music is reminiscent of the Bourne Ultimatum soundtrack and adds to the atmospheric gameplay, which consists of jumping on collapsing rooftops, avoiding obstacles, robots and walls.

The Canabalt game became a huge hit, both as an application and also as an online game at

Canabalt - The fast paced hot video game has just been released into the Open Source realm.

The fantastic news is that Canabalt has raised over $25,000 for the Child’s Play charity – and they have just released the entire Canabalt code as Open Source! That includes the data, music, artwork etc.


A big thank you for the application to Adam, creator of Canabalt and numerous other core libraries used in the development of mobile games.

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