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Care and share : Uniregistry rolls out “pay it forward” domain registrations


Uniregistry rolled out a “pay it forward” option for domain registrations, allowing domain investors to donate their Topcoin cryptocurrency to the next customer in line.

“Record sales during Q1/2017 allows Uniregistry to shift substantial cryptocurrency funds, from our digital vaults in Berlin, Hong Kong, Moscow and the Cayman Islands,” said founder Frank Schilling.

“The pay it forward option will hopefully become a successful paradigm of caring and sharing among domain investors, benefiting the entire domain community,” added Schilling.

How it works:

When you register a domain at Uniregistry, your Topcoin earnings are deposited in your digital wallet; check the box that says “Pay it Forward” to transfer the earned Topcoin towards the order of the next person who registers a domain.

Simple like that.

“We are cash flow-positive, with several trillion mined Topcoins in the bank, and this initiative will help the economy move forward, domains are the future!” exclaimed Frank Schilling.

The Topcoin option must first be enabled in your account; to activate it, visit Uniregistry.com – then start caring and sharing.

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One Response to “Care and share : Uniregistry rolls out “pay it forward” domain registrations”
  1. @domains says:

    I am still wondering what my Topcoin is good for. Hoping they go to $1000 each like bitcoin did.

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