CERN: GoDaddy is the new sponsor of elusive particle

Bob Parsons sponsors CERN – New particle named after him.

Physicists in CERN, Switzerland, have announced the discovery of Parsonium – the elusive sub-quark element also known as the ‘God Particle’.

From now on, the generic name of Parsonium will be the “GoDaddy particle“, after the #1 domain registrar in the world declared its official sponsorship of CERN.

Often noted for its irregular spin and characteristic instability, Parsonium is a bobsonium class particle, named after GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons, who spoke of GoDaddy’s sponsorship:

“As a former US Marine I could not leave this opportunity behind, so sponsoring CERN is the right thing to do.” said Bob Parsons.

“After Danica Patrick, the GoDaddy colors will be flown by the particle accelerator in Switzerland, that discovered this funny new gizmo. Those Europeans have a crappy economy and they could use some American dollars”, added Bob Parsons with a smile.

Parsonium will be featured in Science Today in August; the discovery amounts to a certain nomination for the Nobel prize in Physics, which will also be sponsored by GoDaddy.

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