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Stephen Hawking at TRAFFIC: gTLDs will could wipe out the entire Domainer Cosmos!

Stephen Hawking, the man who proved that the universe created itself spontaneously and that there is no god, is a beacon of information and wisdom. In his later prediction, Stephen Hawking – who is also a domain investor of .Co.UK and .UK domain names – paints a grim picture about gTLDs and ICANN. “Like…the…god particle…there […]

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Father Domainicus: Domaining and the God(damn) Particle

Good afternoon, my brothers and sisters in domaining, this is Father Domainicus delivering a Sunday sermon, blessed from lovely Florida. I’ll get right to the point: Domainers ask me if the so-called ‘God Particle‘ will affect domaining in the coming years. They are concerned that such a revelation will alter the entire world – including […]

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CERN: GoDaddy is the new sponsor of elusive particle

Physicists in CERN, Switzerland, have announced the discovery of Parsonium – the elusive sub-quark element also known as the ‘God Particle’. From now on, the generic name of Parsonium will be the “GoDaddy particle“, after the #1 domain registrar in the world declared its official sponsorship of CERN. Often noted for its irregular spin and […]

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