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Time sensitive: Official TRAFFIC ballot sent to domainers

It’s time to vote for your favorite domainers and domain companies at TRAFFIC. The official ballot was sent out to registered voters only, and it’s time sensitive; all votes must be cast by replying to the email by September 19th. Here are the categories and nominees for the official TRAFFIC 2014 Awards: Developer of the […]

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Stephen Hawking at TRAFFIC: gTLDs will could wipe out the entire Domainer Cosmos!

Stephen Hawking, the man who proved that the universe created itself spontaneously and that there is no god, is a beacon of information and wisdom. In his later prediction, Stephen Hawking – who is also a domain investor of .Co.UK and .UK domain names – paints a grim picture about gTLDs and ICANN. “Like…the…god particle…there […]

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