Chinese domain market report : China might not be #1 after all

China might not be numero uno, after all.

The world’s second largest economy is a fast-paced, growing consumer market operating on the Chinese “Communist Capitalism” model.

And yet, there are indications that India, another fast-growing economy, is in fact more populous than China.

In a shocking report, Yi Fuxian, a University of Wisconsin-Madison academic, says that there are “only” 1.29 billion Chinese and not 1.38 billion, as China’s government claims.

The academic repeated his claims to the Guardian. India is currently at the 1.32 billion number, and hence, more populous than China.

Regardless, the Chinese domain market continues on a sustained healthy sales volume as we’re approaching mid-year. Regarding pricing, that’s a different story, as Chinese premium letters (Chips) have fallen to new low levels, flirting with $1,000 dollars.

We keep track of domain transactions of between 1 and 4 characters in length, for the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs.

In a shocking instance for a premium LLL .com domain, sold for only $23,100 dollars on NameJet, according to NameBio.

The winner wasn’t a Chinese investor, as the letters involved are two vowels and a consonant (kidding, ok?)

Expert domain investor, Oliver Hoger, appears to be the lucky winner of the NameJet auction, instead.

Onto today’s ginormous list of Chinese domain transactions, spanning May 22nd 2017, to May 26th, 2017:

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3 Responses to “Chinese domain market report : China might not be #1 after all”
  1. Dn Ebook says:

    I’ll stick with China ……. they got more cash for domains!

  2. Kemji says: sale doesnt say much about the market. It only shows there was an outlier uninformed/cash needy seller holding a great

  3. DomainGang says:

    Kemji – I can assure you the seller needs no money at all. Simply no interest from buyers. When there is no competition beyond the reserve, the end result is a drop in prices.

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