Chinese domain market report : Chip prices drop below $900

The unthinkable has finally happened, and we’re not talking about the nuclear Armageddon looming over the North Korea crisis.

Chinese “Chips” – long considered to be the domain coinage of choice among progressive domain investors – have steadily declined in value, along with the resurgence of Bitcoin.

During the past 18 months prices fell from more than $2,600 down to the latest lowest threshold of $860 dollars. This is as low as they seem to sell for on NameJet, and if you’re a late adopter, you might end up holding the proverbial bag.

The Chinese domain market has sustained itself through the summer months however, in terms of volume, which has been satisfactory.

We keep track of short domains, between 1 and 4 characters, that change hands among the Chinese, for the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs.

Today’s domain list spans August 4th to August 12th, 2017, and it contains a total of 360 domains.


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