Chinese domain market report : It’s all about the letter Xi

China’s President, Xi Jinping, is currently on a formal visit to the US; President Donald Trump heralded the progress in discussions as “tremendous.”

However, in 2016 Mr. Trump said China had “raped the US” in the financial markets, promising to brand China as a “currency manipulator.”

Chinese domain investors should feel more confident, knowing that Trump is actually pro-Chinese, instead of the opposite.

Or something like that.

Domain markets in China are looking peachy, although not at 2015 levels currently.

There is substantial trading volume, and we’re just being tardy at reporting it. Today’s domain list will hopefully be rewarding.

Last week, our April Fools’ prank referred to an explosive growth in the Chinese “chip” market. Hopefully you got some chuckles out of that, but the truth is that “Chips” pricing is in the $1,500 dollar range.

We keep track of short domains, between 1 to 4 characters in length, for the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs.

Today’s domain list of 351 domains spans several days, in particular March 29 to April 7th, and contains three NNNNN’s at the very end. 😀

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