Chinese #domain market report : Shameless naysayers in the LLLL market?

China’s constitution changed recently, to accommodate for the power-grabbing, limitless ability of its leadership to cling to power.

Western media and politicians consider the move to project dictatorial aspirations, and the Chinese state-run press called the response to be that of “shameless naysayers.

Sounds like the same thing that came from the mouths of peddlers of “Chinese premium letter” LLLL dot com’s, once prices started dipping from the $2k – $3k highs, into low k’s and eventually, the hundreds.

Activity among Chinese domain investors has been cold to lukewarm this year, as far as short domain names, between 1 to 4 characters in the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs are concerned.

Simply put, volume is non-existent, and prices are in the $800 – $900 dollar territory for “Chips.”

But that’s what “shameless naysayers” are saying, right?

Here’s today’s list of short domains, that changed hands among the Chinese, spanning March 1 – March 12, 2018:

That’s a total of just 174 domains in 12 days, a far cry from the glory days of Chinese “premium letter” sales.

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