Chinese domain market report : Tencent becomes Asia’s top tech company

China‘s economy has been growing in leaps and bounds; the 2nd largest economy in the world has become host to some of the biggest tech companies in Asia.

Alibaba, the online retail giant, has just lost its top spot to Tencent, the tech company that operates WeChat.

The Tencent flagship app, called Weixin in China, is used by millions of Chinese users, to conduct chat, hail taxis, buy games, make payments and so much more.

Its current valuation, at $24.5 billion dollars, places Tencent ahead of Alibaba by a “mere” $300 million dollars.

WeChat - the flagship app of Tencent.

WeChat – the flagship app of Tencent.

Meanwhile, the Chinese domain sales market is stalling.

Yesterday, we posted no report thanks to a very low volume, which has occurred after two full months of non-stop activity in the market.

Chinese domain investors are trading less as prices have dropped, particularly for the domain “Chips” popular in China.

Today’s domain report consists of two days’ worth of transactions, and yet the combined volume of sales does not match that of previous weeks.

That’s really a concern for us.

We’ve been tracking the Chinese domain market for over a year, reporting on short domains that changed hands in China, between 2 to 4 characters in length, and in the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs.

Here’s the list of domains:


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