Chinese domain market sales : Will the “cashing the Chips” momentum continue?

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

In the past weeks, domain sales of short domains among the Chinese have increased in volume, all while the average prices have dropped.

We’re not the only ones crunching data on this particular domain market; domain analyst, Joseph Peterson offers an excellent analysis via his DNW column.

According to Peterson, who’s perusing data from NameJet sales, “the CHIPs fall between $1355 and $1877″ and that’s a far cry from the golden days of 2015.

The market is rapidly correcting itself, and large portfolio sales by the Chinese are now echoed by Westerners as well.

It really makes sense, as there is still room for profit, as long as one did not make domain acquisitions at the peak of the market, late last year.

Today’s list of short .CN and .COM domains is atypical of the growth in volume we witnessed during the past two weeks, but it will suffice.

Here are today’s domains – we only cover short domains of between 2 to 4 characters in length:

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