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Chinese domain sales : Billions of USD in bad loans and another LL .com sold


Chinese domain market report.

The Chinese traders returned to normalcy, after a week of celebrating the Year of the (drunk) Monkey.

China’s economy shows how unpredictable the Asian markets are while the country is hoarding dollars. No trust in the yuan?

With a drop of exports by 11.2%, imports fell another 18.8% last quarter, leaving a record trade surplus of $63.3 billion dollars.

Combine that unused capital with a slowing economy poisoned by bad bank loans, and you get investors feeling antsy.

No wonder there are rumors the Chinese invest in domain names as “vessels” of capital out of the country.

Meanwhile, domain trading has flatlined, partially due to the New Year in China, and we’re not the only ones to identify the issue.

Short domain names are the primary coinage of Chinese domain investors, and by that we mean REALLY short domains of 2 or 3 letters or numbers. Just yesterday, we covered one such exchange of a LL .com domain.

Hold onto your noodles because on today’s short domain list, there is another two-letter domain that changed hands within China, ZP.com.

We monitor short domain sales to keep track of the overall trends in the Chinese domain market. Here are today’s domains:


Not a single domain “Chip” in sight!

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