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Chinese domain sales : Brace yourself for Monday, two letter .com sold

Chinese domain market report.

Chinese domain market report.

The Chinese new year celebrations are over, and Monday’s stock market trading will be crucial.

No more excuses for the hard-working Chinese, that took a full week off to welcome the Year of the Monkey. In the US, we go to work on January 2nd, hangover or not.

Domain investors in China are said to be stacking their cash in order to spend them all after New Year’s; and this *might* be true for one such investor, who acquired a LL .com.

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Domain sales activity has slowed down in the realm of excessively long domains, such as 6N, 7N and beyond. Whoever hyped those types of domains, better start refreshing their information on current market conditions.

As we said yesterday, short numbers and short letters are the winning combinations, and by that we mean SHORT: two/three letter and two/three number domains, whether .com or .CN.

China is the world’s biggest ccTLD by numbers, about 16.5 million dot .CN domains, as we were told by the CNNIC guys.

And now today’s list, which contains ZR.com, a great short two letter .com domain that just changed hands.

As the previous owner was also Chinese, this transfer won’t change the balance of power in the two letter counts, managed by domain investor George Kirikos.

According to Kirikos, US registrants own 369 “elite” two letter .com domain names out of 676, with China at 139 two letter .com domains.

We keep track of short domain sales in China, and share the information; here are today’s domain names:



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