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Chinese domain sales : Can you trust China’s government?


chinese-domain-marketWhen it comes down to trusting a government, one has to take into consideration its political position.

In China, communism is the official political system, and while China has made lots of improvements in how its humanism is perceived by the West, it’s still not fully compliant with global standards.

Perhaps due to commanding 1.375 billion people, the Chinese government is leveraging a growing economy that often sits atop an unstable pivot point.

China’s government also wants to control how outsiders in China operate; a recent announcement that foreign publishers in China will have to first get approval about the “text, pictures, maps, games, animation and sound” is clearly imposing totalitarian control over thought and creation.

That might be a problem with Western domain registrars eager to tap the vast Chinese domain market.

They have to not only comply with current requirements to get started in China, but to also obey any future demands the Chinese government might issue, such as limitations on particular domain keywords, or the blocking or perhaps the deletion of domains expressing opposing ideas.

With that in mind, domain sales in China continue to occur, albeit at a conservative rate.

We monitor such sales of short domains daily, from 2 character to 4 characters in .com and .CN TLDs.

Here are today’s names:


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3 Responses to “Chinese domain sales : Can you trust China’s government?”
  1. Aaron Strong says:

    There is a relationship between ‘Freedom of Speech’ and domains….In China, that relationship will endure many conflicts, ending the new found lust at some point…

  2. concerned says:

    .cn is a big gamble IMO. They can take your .cn at anytime for any reason. Do anything that might piss the dragon off and say bye bye domain. It would/could affect your travel plans there as well. All is not sweet and fuzzy behind the curtain. There was a recent protest in HK about reforms not happening and very undemocratic election matters. Many are wishing GB was still in charge. Broken promises are upsetting many in China. I have been trying to collect a $10k receivable for over 4 months from a very good Chinese customer who always paid on time. I think this global house of cards is on its way down, down, down. Bitcoin and bullets may be the future. Btc is up $50 in a week. Negative interest rates? Limits on cash withdrawals, banning cash outright??!!??!! Scary times ahead. The title of the post could be “Can you trust any government?”

  3. DomainGang says:

    Great points, thank you guys ๐Ÿ˜€

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