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Chinese domain sales : Invest, while western companies are leaving China?

Chinese domain market report.

Chinese domain market report.

According to a recent report, 25% of US companies active in China plan to move some of their operations out of the country, or have already done so.

Market conditions are getting worse in the world’s 2nd largest economy, and the Chinese stock market has entered a bearish phase.

Domain investors are seeing China as a marketplace offering a lot of potential to engage in large, medium or smaller transactions; there is a theory that domain sales in China represent the funneling of cash outside of the government’s reach.

BenMi.com, a Chinese domain sales tracker, provides daily data about the volume of domain sales, and we present a portion of such short domain sales.

LLL .com domains and even shorter, 2 letter .CN and .com domains, drive the market’s primary volume.

Here’s a list of short domains that changed hands during the past 48 hours in China.


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9 Responses to “Chinese domain sales : Invest, while western companies are leaving China?”
  1. Aaron Strong says:

    If TRUMP gets elected there will be more pressure on the Chinese markets and their wealth.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Aaron – China, China, China, CHINA!

    Let’s hope the Donald does not get elected though, or we might as well jump off the cliff voluntarily as a nation.

  3. Aaron Strong says:

    At some point ‘business’ always turns to politics… I respectfully disagree…TRUMP 2016!!!!…:)

  4. DomainGang says:

    Aaron – Personally I don’t want to see either D.Trump or H.Clinton at the White House. But given a choice between two evils, I’d rather take a career politician than a failed businessman. 😉

  5. @domains says:

    I don’t see a strong correlation between Chinese stock markets and the Chinese domain market. Chinese stock markets have declined in the past year while domain aftermarket sales due to China have surged. Why can’t Chinese people be investing in domains simply because they see them as assets that could potentially appreciate, just like domain investors outside China do?

    US and European stock market rises and crashes haven’t been very well correlated to domain sales over the past 15 or so years. Technology has been a growing industry over that time, even when commodities, oil, and employment in other sectors were low. I remember times when the economy wasn’t so great in North America, and being surprised that big domain sales kept chugging along.

    A severe global economic downturn could affect domain markets everywhere. But even if the Chinese stock markets fall further, the domain market still could hold up and perform better, just like we saw in 2007-2009 with the ‘Geat Recession’ (which I think the world is still recovering from).

    I think some people underestimate the sheer volume of domain investors and money that China is bringing to the table, and it’s just…

  6. Aaron Strong says:

    DG – Send me an ‘EMAIL’ to my ‘SERVER’ and I will gladly discuss this further… 🙂

  7. DomainGang says:

    Domains – Because there are two types of “Chinese domain investments” : speculative (flipping a variety of 4/5/6 etc. character domains in several TLDs) and corporate acquisitions ( LL/LLL .com domains.) The first kind appears to be the main vehicle of capital funneling as it’s unregulated and large in volume. Many smaller transfers out of money work better than fewer large ones.

    For the most part, the non corporate domain market in China is an invention of fund managers to create capital flow. These domains aren’t being used as anything other than cash mules.

  8. Jen says:

    Trump is a failed businessman.

    Bloomsberg has reported that if Trump had simply invested his inheritance in the stock market, he would be worth about $10 billion instead of $4 billion.

    He is not someone who would be good for this country.

  9. Steve says:

    If Trump gets elected many Canadian would pay to have a wall put up at the border to keep wack-jobs like him out. Banning all Muslims?? Crazy like a bat. Actually I didn’t mean to insult bats. Sorry bats.
    Check out the video on these people he wants to ban, they are just like most civilized people; looking for a safe place to raise their families and get jobs.

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