Chinese domain sales report : Trademark law soon to change in China

In China, more than 2,600 trademark cases were heard by the Beijing High People’s Court between 2002 and 2009. In 2014, the court heard nearly 8,000 such cases.

Meanwhile, more than 7,500 cases were filed at the Beijing Intellectual Property Court in 2015. More than 73% were related to trademark infringement.

Domain investors in China often go after major brands, such as Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and others, targeting their products and services in any TLD and gTLD possible. That’s due to ignorance, combined with intent to monetize the popularity of these brands.

Trademark law is about to change in China, making it easier for trademark holders to contest such use, and the penalties for trademark infringement are expected to be increased.

Meanwhile, the recent trend for mass transfers of “Chinese domain chips” has slowed down, and this appears to be the last time we cover this genre exclusively, unless the volume of transaction returns.

As a reminder, “Chinese” domain chips are LLLL .CN domains with just consonants, excluding the letter “V.”

Here’s today’s list, spanning February 13th to February 18th, and it contains “only” 1,263 Chinese domain chips:

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